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Welcome to Custom Home Decor

Submitted by Catherine Goslan, Comfort & Joy Interiors
Photo Credits:  Photo:  Agatha Bak, Design:  Studio H
On behalf of the GTA West Chapter, I would like to welcome Custom Home Decor as a new Affiliate Member of CDECA.  They are a to-the-trade workroom based in Oakville, and I have had great experiences working with them on several projects, so I welcome the opportunity to share information about this valuable resource with our members.  Agatha Bak and her team at Custom Home Decor consistently deliver high quality results and unparalleled customer service.  Agatha approaches working with design professionals as a creative artistic joint venture.  She is involved in all phases of the process, from check measure to installation, and always strives to make us look good in the eyes of our clients.   
Agatha is a young, modern-minded entrepreneur who keeps up with the latest trends, but she is also passionate about traditional couture sewing techniques, and preserving the artistry of those skills.  She sought out and completed training in Europe to hone her skills, and in turn, trains her staff to meet her exacting standards.  Custom Home Decor offers a range of unique, truly custom options in the work they do, such as:
  • Swarovski crystal accents
  • Hand beading
  • Hand painting on fabrics
  • Embroidery
  • Silk screening
  • Silk pleating to create custom trim
While you would expect their premium quality to come at a premium price, happily that is not the case with Custom Home Decor.  I have found their pricing to be quite reasonable, and they do not have surcharges that a lot of other workrooms have, such as surcharges for working with silk or velvet, or surcharges for inspecting fabric for flaws, etc.  Their prices for window treatment fabrication also include supplying the lining (and interlining when required for the application).  For coordinating toss cushions, they offer good quality feather inserts at a price point that rivals lower quality products available elsewhere.
Custom Home Decor continues to grow & expand the products and services they provide, which now includes:
·       Fabrics, with lines not available through other trade suppliers in the GTA West area, such as:
o   Designer’s Guild
o   Schumacher
o   Osborne & Little
o   Casadeco
o   Telio
o   Romo Fabrics
o   Unique Fine Fabrics
o   Kravet (who has a Mississauga showroom, but Oakville may be more convenient for some)
·       The following lines of window treatment hardware:
o   Connexions
o   Joanne
o   Kravet
o   Trax
o   Paris Texas
o   Deco & Deco
o   Kirsch
o   Canadian Drapery Hardware
o   Robert Allen
o   KScope
·       Custom lampshades
·       Upholstery & re-upholstery, including marine applications and re-touching & re-finishing wood components.
·       Slipcovers
Custom Home Decor has new offerings planned, which include:
·       Seminars
·       Newsletter
·       A new drapery program with a pre-selected set of fabrics to choose from at 4 price points, which reduces fabric sourcing time and ensures that you can have custom made drapes in 2 weeks!

If you would like to subscribe to the newsletter, or be informed about the seminars & drapery program when they become available, please send an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Why hire an Interior Decorator? Why Not…

By Jeanette Wisby
Hiring an Interior Decorator can be one of the most practical things you do in your home. 
An Interior Decorator will work with you, the client, to solve decorating dilemmas and challenges to bring out the home’s potential and best features while creating a unique, innovative and livable space which reflects your individual taste, personality and style.
Using an Interior Decorator does not have to be costly, in fact using a decorator can stop costly mistakes. And in the long run, clients can end up saving money and time.  In summary – You don’t need a big budget to hire a decorator or to have a beautiful home.
The secret to creating a high end look without the price tag is to combine a few less expensive materials with one extravagant accent.
Most people have good taste, but are too busy, with little time, to source exactly what they would love for their home.  They are limited to resources available to the public only. Using a decorator enables clients to have access to products not available to the general public, have one of a kind design and a custom look. Decorators have access to hundreds of choices in all areas of home décor which in turn offers the client unique and exclusive design. Decorators have the technical knowledge required to bring about great design.  It is extremely important for clients to be informed about the products they select with respect to care required or the ease of use .
With so much variety these days, the search for anything new can become very daunting and in the end the client can just “settle” for something as they are frustrated with the amount of “foot work” involved to select the perfect products.  A decorator works in partnership with the client to offer innovative and desirable results suited to the client and to maximize thehome’s potential.  A decorator gives guidance,  and the services provided canoffer little involvement or total involvement on the client’s part as desired.  
A decorator has no emotional tie to the home; allowing for objectivity when making decorating choices. A decorator meets with the client, gets to know the type of style they want; their likes and dislikes in home décor and their lifestyle, by asking detailed questions; and then responds to their needs by beginning to source the products to present.  Usually there are several choices and finally the client along with the decorator will zero in on the look they want.  The decorator continues to source the selections can arrange for trades people and do the overall project management of the redecorating or redesign required.

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