Connecting Decorators, Designers, Suppliers and Consumers for over 20 years.

The Canadian Decorators' Association (CDECA) is a professional not-for-profit Association representing both Student and Accredited interior decorators and interior designers, and Affiliate businesses across Canada.  Our goal is to foster the growth of the decorating industry in Canada; provide advocacy respecting policy matters; promote a positive image of the industry through proactive activities and events; and offer value to Members through upgrading of skills and knowledge. CDECA is the most influential Association representing decorators in Canada.

CDECA is committed to enhancing the quality of the decorating industry by providing opportunities to its Members including professional development courses, programming, networking, and additional resources and services through its many forms of offerings.

CDECA advocates for interior decorating excellence by providing industry information, maintaining advanced educational standards and requirements; and ethics in business practices.

CDECA is a professional association and not a governing body; as such, all matters related to contracts and fees are considered to be strictly between decorator and client.

Accredited interior decorators are trained to decorate and design interior spaces in compliance with our constitutional Bylaws and Code of Ethics. Under the leadership of an inspired Board of Directors and the growing national Membership, CDECA is well positioned to move forward with confidence and a plan for the future of our industry.

Vision and Values

  • We consistently strive to provide the highest level of service and quality to our Members and to the public through continuing education, public awareness, and professional development.
  • We uphold ethical service through government compliance and qualification standards within the industry.
  • We value professional and personal growth and promote the opportunity for every Member to be the best that they can be for their clients and themselves.
  • We value the relationship between Member and Client, and Member and Affiliate/retailer.
  • We value professional development for all Members to ensure that our Members are informed in all areas of their industry.
  • We value cooperation and respect among peers.
  • We value a commitment to community service and a respect for ethics in both personal and business life.

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Canadian Decorators' Association

Connecting Decorators, Designers, Suppliers and Consumers for over 20 years.

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