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If you are registering and paying on someone else's behalf, you will have a chance to enter the billing address and email of purchaser later.


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Handicapped parking/wheelchair seating, special meals, etc.

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Login to and come through 'Your Account' page to have all your information pre-populated.
If you are a new member, please leave this unchecked. A processing fee for your application will be applied to new and lapsed members. Don't forget to select from the options below.

New members: Please send in your supporting material by replying to your payment receipt. Eligibility criteria can be found on under About->Become a Member->Accredited. Membership priviledges will not be granted until appropriate materials are received.

***Voucher Letter and Copy of diploma required from International Career School Canada.*** Please reply to your payment receipt with copies of both. Membership priviledges will not be granted until appropriate materials received.

New Members: Proof of enrollment (copy of student card, transcript, etc.) should be sent as a reply to your payment receipt. Membership privileges will not be granted until appropriate materials received.

This category is available to former Accredited members or CDECA who have retired from the Decorating profession.

Highest level of supplier membership available. Includes the most e-mail broadcasts and additional perks. Great for companies that want to be active within the CDECA community.

Standard supplier membership for companies wanting to engage with the CDECA community.

This category of Membership is only available to individuals or sole proprietors providing services to the Members, e.g. artists, trade contractors, business consultants. If you have a store front location or more than 2 staff, you will not be approved. (Must offer a service/fee discount to CDECA members).

This class of membership is for instructors in Interior Decorating and Design programs at CDECA approved institutions who DO NOT currently practice in the field of Decorating or Design. Proof of employment may be required.

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